Video shows ‘UFO’ being carried by a truck


Video shows 'UFO' being carried by a truck

A video was released showing what could possibly be an alien UFO on the back of a truck. The run-down flatbed semi-truck was speeding down a major highway towards Area 51 carrying a disc-shaped large object. Conspiracy theorists are wondering if it really could be an alien UFO.

The question is, did we spot a UFO, or something earthly that looks like a UFO? Scott C. Waring of UFO Sightings Dailybelieves there is a reason the truck driver was driving so fast.

The ‘UFO’ was being carried along the highway.
Footage has surfaced online of a truck hauling what looks like a flying saucer along a US highway.
The peculiar video, which has been gaining a lot of attention on social media recently, was uploaded on to YouTube at the beginning of the month by the Argentinian channel ‘Noe Arca’.

It’s certainly true that the object, which is almost hanging off the back of the truck, does look like a UFO, however far from being evidence of an extraterrestrial visitor it is far more likely to be little more than an industrial component that just happens to resemble the typical flying saucer shape.

Exactly what the object actually is or what it is used for however continues to remain a mystery.