The mystery of the moon: Transient Lunar Phenomenon



What is really happening on the moon?

Transient Lunar Phenomenon
For centuries a series of “transient lunar phenomenon” have been reported on or above the moon’s surface. These anomalies include unexplained flashes of light, strange clouds of various colors, glowing spots and more. In 1178, several monks noticed a huge flaming torch on the moon. In 1787, Sir William Herschel, a well-known British astronomer, detected three red glowing spots on the dark portion of the moon. J.F. Julius Schmidt, noted lunar observer, noticed a significant change in the Linné crater in 1866.

Soviet astronomer Nikolai A. Kozyrev saw a half-hour long eruption on a peak of the Alphonsus crater in 1958. In 1968, NASA published a summary of an investigation into these phenomenons. Known as Document R-277, it listed 9600 strange occurrences on the lunar surface over hundreds of years. And the mysteries continue. As recently as 1992, French scientists detected anomalies on the floor of the crater known as Langrenus.

The New York Herald Tribune science editor once related his observation of a 12-mile long bridge-like structure on the edge of a crater. It appeared out of nowhere. In preparation for Apollo missions, Orbiter 3 was sent to get advance photos of the moon. Several unexplained structures were found, including a large vertical tower in the Urkert section called “The Shard.” Also found was a structure named “The Tower” which may well be over 5 miles tall. Author George Leonard, in his 1977 book, “Somebody Else Is on the Moon,” showed tracks in the lunar dust he said were made by aliens.