Proof of Time Travel? – Mormon CD Rom


What are the facts behind this case?

Well, it appears the Mormons had knowledge of the future  – A mid 1800s illustration depicts two square transparent objects – which look like empty plastic jewel cases.

Time Travel is responsible for the Joseph Smith encounter in 1820, the evidence is very clear. We have a painting as evidence of CD roms being given to him

 At least twenty five ancient texts describe the contents of the ancients cd-rom.







Two modern cd-roms are documented and described (circa 600BCE) in the Book of Mormon.

This establishes that (somehow – Angels ?? Time Travellers ?? God ??) took two named mid 1990s cd-roms back to the past many times. It is noted in the Mormon chronicles that these objects were placed in a box. Angel(s) turned up to Joseph Smith and showed him where that box was hidden. He opened the box, noted these artifacts, and had a picture drawn of him holding ‘2 plates’. He described the artefacts as “here were two stones in silver bows-and these stones, fastened to a breastplate, constituted what is called the Urim and Thummim”



Has this been investigated?  yes, some guy called Ronald Pegg claimed that:

  • He had previously found modern cd-rom imagery described in over twenty five other prophetic texts from around the world where ‘visions’ or ‘dream’ encounters with ‘angels’ were involved;
  • Specifically, he had discovered that in 600BCE in the Middle East, there were three separate ancient accounts of ANGELS (ie. time travellers) in the chronicles of Ezekiel, Daniel, and Lehi;
  • He had found a particular PC386 computer system described in the Old Testament;
  • He had earlier found where the Book of Ether documented “24 plates, 8 large and 16 small” – which are the number of setup floppy disks and compact disks required to get a PC386 computer system working;
  • He discovered that the Book of Mormon not only describes the computer’s white arrow pointer, but a sequence of imagery from the Ancients cd-rom plus the presentation’s guiding compass;
  • Smith reports specific artifacts being found in a box, one being a breastplate (ie. the base-plate), and two ‘stones’ fastened to them. Known as a ‘stone’, the Ancients compact disk not only sits in a base-plate (as described by Smith as breastplate), it contains the imagery described elsewhere in the Book of Mormon;
  • Pegg found in the Book of Mormon where a jewel case with a compact disk in its base-plate is described. (Reference Source: p47-48, World Breaking Discoveries E-Book, WBD, 2007; p53 printed version);
  • A picture of Smith in the mid 1800s shows him holding two square transparent objects, being the empty plastic jewel cases from which he pried the base-plate that held the compact disks (which he called stones).
  • Smith, once he removed the compact disk and the base-plate out of the jewel case, noted that the hinge action of the case was similar to the bending ear supports of spectacles.

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