Mystery metal object falls from the sky


Where did the mysterious object come from ?
Workers at a treatment plant in New Jersey were left mystified when a metal plate fell from the heavens.

The object, a flat square-shaped piece of metal, was witnessed falling from an otherwise empty sky by several people over the plant on Wednesday. It initially hit a railing and then bounced off the side of a concrete tank before coming to rest on the ground.

Measuring 5 by 5 inches, the anomalous object fell only a few feet away from where some of the workers had been standing and could have easily killed someone if it had landed on top of them.

An investigation later revealed that the object had not come from the treatment facility itself and that there had been no planes in the sky at the time. Some of the workers tried to find an answer to the mystery on the Internet but couldn’t come up with anything conclusive to explain it.

“We went on the website and we looked up space shuttle tiles, and you could see that picture there, it basically matches up with that,” said foreman Steven Bronowich. The last space shuttle flight however was three years ago and the falling object didn’t coincide with any known space launches.