Strange green spheres wash up in Sydney

green spheres
What are the mysterious green spheres ?
Beachgoers in Australia have been puzzling over the appearance of peculiar green ball-like objects.

A beach in northern Sydney has become an unexpected visitor attraction thanks to hundreds of strange green spheres that have mysteriously washed up along the shoreline.

“I didn’t want to touch one because you never know what can sting you on the beach, but I did poke it with my toes and it’s squishy, like a sponge,” said beach patrol member RaeMaree Hutton.

“They look like alien eggs or something.”

Some beachgoers suggested that the objects had been growing and becoming more numerous.

“About three days ago, there were a few egg-shaped balls but then today, they were much bigger and everywhere on the beach,” said local resident Jenny Zhang.

There has been much debate among experts with regard to what the objects actually are with the consensus at the moment being that they could be balled up clusters of seaweed or algae.