Ghost Town – Stiens, New Mexico



Time stood still for Steins, New Mexico in  the middle of the Forties. Once a thriving coal dept for the Southern  Pacific Railroad, the increased use of  diesel to power transport saw the small town – population just 1,000 – left to  slowly decay.

Now, long after the residents of Steins  packed their bags and left for a more prosperous life elsewhere, this American  ghost town, is open for tourists.

The saloons, general stores and  bordello,  left brimming with belongings that have gathered dust for 70 years are now  artefacts.

The recent history of Steins is just as  fascinating. Rattlesnake farmer Larry  Link bought the town in the late eighties after becoming obsessed with the old  mercantile stores, outhouses and stagecoaches.


Link’s vision was to clear the overgrown  tumbleweed and grass that had grown through the main street of Steins to allow  people access to the eerie buildings of the ghost town.

‘He didn’t want to entertain people,’ said  Melissa Lamoree, Link’s granddaughter, who took over the family business from  68-year-old Link in June of last year when he was murdered outside his  house.

Evidently, the people of Steins were pushed  into a hurry to leave as the forgotten pianos in the bar and the still-made beds  testify to.

Everything on display in Steins has been left  by the Link’s as they found it, with every abandoned lantern, spice jar and  typewriter telling its own story to each person who visits.

Interestingly, visitors to Steins note the  number of glass jars kept inside every property that still stands.

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