Boeing unveils new anti-drone laser cannon


The laser can disable a drone within two seconds. Image Credit: YouTube / Boeing
The aerospace giant has developed a new weapon system designed specifically to shoot down drones.

People flying their drones over places where they shouldn’t be is a problem that is likely to get a lot worse over the next few years, especially as these devices become cheaper and easier to use.

Sensitive locations such as airports, military bases, power plants and government buildings are all having to take precautions to deal with the possibility of a drone incursion.

There is even the potential for terrorist attacks using drones equipped with explosive devices.

Now in a renewed effort to tackle this problem aerospace giant Boeing has developed a futuristic laser cannon that can be used to shoot down drones over significant distances.

The weapon, which looks a bit like an overgrown speed camera, is both easy to use and portable.

It can be set up by just two people, can be operated using an XBOX 360 controller and can be packed up in to four suitcase-sized boxes and moved to a new location very quickly.

Once it locks on to a target the laser can take down a drone within just two seconds.

It might not have the same visual appeal as the laser guns seen in science fiction movies but as drone use increases it is quite possible that systems like this one will see deployment across a number of sensitive locations over the next few years.