‘Ghost coin’ found in Portuguese shipwreck


Divers have been exploring the wreck since 2013.
An extremely rare and unusual coin has been discovered in the 16th century wreckage of the Esmeralda.ve uncovered a silver coin so rare that it has been assigned ‘legendary’ status.

The ship, which was discovered off the coast of Al Hallaniyah island in Oman’s Dhofar region, was commanded by Vicente Sodre – the uncle of explorer Vasco da Gama – when it sunk in 1503.

Divers exploring the wreckage have so far found over 2,800 artifacts including gold substances a bronze bell and a copper-alloy disc stamped with the royal coat of arms of Portugal’s Dom Manuel I.

The mysterious silver substance, which has been referred to as a ‘ghost coin’ due to its extreme rarity, is one of only two known coins commissioned by the king for conducting trade with India. The other, which was previously the only one thought to exist, is known as the “lost coin of Dom Manuel.”.