Egypt ‘90% sure’ of King Tut hidden chamber


Has the tomb of Queen Nerfertiti been found ?
Authorities in Egypt have revealed that there is almost certainly a hidden room in Tutankhamen’s tomb.

Ever since British archaeologist Nicholas Reeves first put forward the idea that the long lost burial chamber of Queen Nefertiti could be hidden within the walls of Tutankhamen’s tomb, efforts have been underway to search every inch of the mausoleum’s ancient walls for signs of a hidden door.

Earlier this month Egypt’s Minister of Antiquities Mandouh el-Damaty revealed that part of the tomb’s northern wall appeared to exhibit a different temperature to the rest of the tomb – a discrepancy that could very well point to the existence of a secret chamber – just as Reeves had predicted.

Now following an analysis of the most recent findings from the tomb, Egyptian authorities have revealed that they are now 90% certain that there really is something hidden behind its walls.

It isn’t clear how long it will be before any attempt can be made to find out what lies inside, but if the existence of the room can be confirmed and if it does contain the final resting place of Queen Nefertiti then it will surely be one of the most important ever discoveries in Egyptology.