Was British policeman abducted by alien ?




 Alien had en counted Former police officer Alan Godfry while on patrol back in November 1980.

The incident took place along Burnley Road in the town of Todmorden where Godfry had been investigating reports of missing animals in the early hours of the morning.

Just as he was about to give up for the night he witnessed what he initially believed to be a bus heading towards him on the other side of the road. When it got closer however he realized that it was actually something far more unusual – an object that he later described as a ‘large mass’.

“It was a fuzzy oval that rotated at such speed and hovered so low over the road that it was causing the bushes by the side to shake,” he said.

His next recollection was of driving along further up the same road but with the mysterious object (alien) nowhere in sight. Confused, he returned to the spot where he had encountered the phenomenon and discovered “a circular patch where the road had been dried in a swirled pattern.”

He also noted that his boots were scuffed as though he had been dragged along the ground and when he returned to the station he realized that he had somehow lost around 15 minutes.

He later learned that police officers in Halifax had also reported witnessing a “brilliant blue-white glow” in the sky (appearing of alien) on the same night while “a brilliant white object” was reported by a lorry driver around three miles from the location of his sighting.

After undergoing hypnotic regression in an effort to find out what happened during the missing period of time, Godfry recalled being moved in to a strange room where he met a bearded man called Yosef who, along with two robots, interrogated him through telepathic communication.

His story made headline news and became one of the UK’s best known abduction cases.

No conclusive explanation for what he encountered that night has ever been found.