Unexplained Picture: UN probe after Bear pictured walking on Mars




An image taken from Nasa’s online database of Mars photographs has been posted online by UFO hunters amid claims it “clearly” shows a bear or other four-legged mammal walking on the surface of the Red Planet.

One of them, Scott C Waring, who edits website UFO Sightings Daily, is convinced it is a bear and the real deal.

He posts, on an almost daily basis an array of the Nasa images – which are taken by its 4WD Curiosity Rover currently exploring the Martian surface and beamed back to Earth – and points out what he says are “aliens, crabs, statues, buildings, other objects, and even crashed UFOs” hidden among the rocks.

Of the latest find, he said: “This creature has real hair as seen from the shadows around its body. That means its not a statue, but a living creature.

“This bear-like animal was discovered by Paranormal Crucible of Youtube


He has been making some great discoveries lately and this one takes that cake.

“I took the screenshots above directly from the NASA URL he gave, and I confirm, it is there.”

Paranormal Crucible itself made no claim of it being a bear, but suggested it was a possible “hybrid rodent” or prarie dog-type creature.

The channel is also convinced it is proof of well-evolved animals roaming the Red Planet.

The narrator said: “It would appear, judging by this official Nasa image, that Mars does indeed have a species of rodent.

“But whatever this strange creature truly is, it confirms yet again that exotic Martian life does really exist on the Red Planet.