SHOCK CLAIM: Dead rapper Tupac Shakur ‘still ALIVE



Website stories and videos have surfaced alleging the Harlem-born rapper was not gunned down on September 7, 1996, as officially reported, but has been secretly living in Cuba.

In the US, celebrity website ran a story headlined: “After Nearly 19 Years Of Hiding Tupac Shakur Now 44 Comes Out Of Hiding.”

Tupac, also known as Makaveli, was victim of a drive-by shooting at a junction in Las Vegas, Nevada, and died six days later in hospital.

Ever since his death there has been a conspiracy theories suggesting he never actually died.

But this is the first claim he is about to return “from the dead”.

The report also included what appeared to be a picture of the star with his arm draped around Rihanna, who would have been eight when Tupac died.

The article said: “Tupac Shakur, who was supposedly killed at the age of 25 is now admitting he has been hiding this whole time.

“It was Shakur who in 1996 was reportedly attending a special event in Las Vegas, the Mike Tyson-Benson fight, and then afterwards was brutally murdered.

“A day or so later he is autopsied, then quickly cremated. There is no funeral. Nor is there any record of a tribute or memorial.

“Now we know exactly why it was because Tupac Shakur was never killed it is unclear why he has been hiding.