Greek tomb remains a mystery one year on


Efforts to uncover the secrets of the tomb linked to Alexander the Great in Greece have come to a halt.

Only last year the ancient tomb unearthed near Amphipolis was a hive of activity as the world’s media waited with baited breath to see what wonders archaeologists would uncover there.

Some believed that the site, which was home to several impressive statues and mosaics, may have even been the final resting place of someone very close to Alexander the Great himself.

Within the tomb archaeologists eventually unearthed the skeletal remains of an old woman and several other individuals but to date their identities have never been conclusively determined.

Now sadly, with the Greek financial crisis in full swing, the site of the discoveries lies deserted.

The sum of 200,000 euros assigned to keep the excavations going never materialized and some experts have even played down the idea that the tomb is actually connected to Alexander at all.

“No one works here any more. The project is frozen, like everything else in Greece,” said one of the guards at the site. “We still don’t know if the country is going to run out of money.”

The tomb’s secrets, it seems, are likely to remain hidden within its chambers for some time to come.