Who was Jack The Ripper?


Jack The Ripper

Who was this person police called Jack the Ripper? Where there any suspects in the murders? What made Jack the Ripper such a highly sought after person?

What has caused the interest of many detectives throughout the years? Why is Jack the Ripper as famous as all of the world’s unsolved mysteries? Jack the Ripper was a serial killer that gained attention for killing Mary Jane Kelly, Catherine Eddowes, Elizabeth Stride, Annie Chapman and Mary Ann Nichols. Were there more murders that were never discovered? Why did Jack the Ripper kill these five women? Was prostitution there only connection to each other and the Ripper?


Jack The Ripper Facts

In 1888, London, England, the five women were murdered in a surgical method. The bodies were mutilated and the throats were cut. All of the women had one thing in common with each other they were prostitutes. There was a lack of blood at the crime scenes and three of the women had their internal organs removed. Were the murders that happened into the year 1891 connected to Jack the Ripper? Although there was never any connection between the other murders and the five prostitutes, one officer received a kidney in the mail. Although there are eleven murders that were similar, only five are believed to be done by Jack the Ripper.


Copycat Killer ?

Was it possible that Jack the Ripper actually killed more women or was there copycat killers out there trying to mimic the Ripper. Did these killers want national attention for the killings? Did they just kill for fun so the Ripper would stay in the news? What would make people do something so horrendous to women? Although the crimes are years and years old, the unsolved mystery of Jack the Ripper still intrigues sleuths today. Everyone has a different scenario concerning the deaths and others deaths that happen after the first five.



There were many suspects interviewed in connection with the murders, but no one was ever charged. Some had alibis and others did not fit the criteria fro the murders. Detectives wondered at times if there might have been more than one person committing the murders of these five women. At other times, it appeared to be one person doing the murders. Is it possible that Jack the Riper was one person that killed two women and another Jack the Riper killed the last three women or did Jack the Riper advance in his methods of killing?
The first two woman were not mutilated, but the last three had organs removed. The killings after the first five seemed to be copycats because there was no specific way of killing the women. It was different at times and the same or similar at times. Who was Jack the Riper? Was he a visitor to England? Did he die without telling anyone about his killings? Is there someone that knew Jack the Riper that pasted the story down through time? Does someone know who he or she was? Was Jack the Riper male or female? Does anyone know for sure?