The Smiley Face Murder Theory



Young, college-aged men plied with booze are probably among the most reckless human beings on the planet. But retired NYPD detectives Kevin Gannon and Anthony Duarte believe that there may be more than just teenage irresponsibility behind a string of “drownings” that have occurred throughout America.

The detectives point to the existence of bizarre “smiley face” graffiti found near the bodies in many cases. The graffiti might indicate the work of a serial killer. It has been found so often, the men assert, that it would probably be impossible for one person to have pulled off the murders alone.

The bodies have been found in Minnesota, Iowa, New York, and eight other states. Nine of the victims had been attending the University of LaCrosse in Wisconsin, a rather frightening coincidence, to say the least.Duarte and Gannon claim that the bodies are found in water both to mimic drowning and because water often destroys evidence like fingerprints and fiber samples.

According to Gannon, “I believe these young men are being abducted by individuals in the bars, taken out, at some point held for a period of time before they’re entered into the water.” He contends that the smiley faces are a taunt to authorities, saying, “They’re telling you here that they’re into evil, they’re very happy as most serial killers are.

They’re content with their work and what they’re doing and the fact that they’re thwarting the police.”Most law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, are unconvinced that there is any grand conspiracy in the works, with some claiming Duarte and Gannon might have some unwholesome motives in advancing the theory in the first place.