Orbs over Belfast City May 7, 2013


We had an unusually clear warm day on the 7th May, so I had no doubts I would film the orbs and the living haze, in the right light they can be seen.

In this video you will see a few orbs flying in a triangle formation, as observed by many who are interested in these entities. There is also an orb which seems to hover in the shot for a while before making off in a straight motion to the right out of the frame.

Many other orbs are flying around in this footage, and many can be seen to duplicate or double up, and they do look like black orbs also, many questions need answered about these entities, mainly…. What are they doing? the question are they here is irrelevant.
Iv shown for over 4 years now, that they are here, and after much observation I can say for sure the activity has increase tenfold in the last year.

Interesting times we are living in.

Much more footage from this day coming soon…