Mystery of the missing cruise ship people.


missing at sea

Why have almost 200 people just vanished from cruise ships?

What is happening to these people?

People just don’t vanish into thin air! – but that is what seems to be happening in recent years on many of the large ocean cruise ships.

In fact almost 200 people remain unaccounted for from these massive vessels in the last few years.

That figure is shocking, and even more so when you read about the types of people that have vanished. Many of them are sensible, sound people, having showed no signs of depression or having any reason to “jump” over board.

Some may have fallen fowl to tragic accidents – but not all of them. The fact that the cruise companies have failed to provided the grieving families with adequate answers in many of the cases is also odd.

So what is happening? And why is this strange trend not being investigated fully?

Cruising has never been more popular but sailing the high seas has never been more dangerous. According to the International Cruise Victims Association, every two weeks someone goes missing from a cruise ship, most of these are unaccounted for, and no evidence exists for far too many cases on what really happened.

Many have claimed of “lawlessness” but more and more stories of unnatural events are starting to surface.

Imagine a small city with thousands of residents who change every week or two. Imagine a rotating crew from around the world. They come together and travel from port to port, a vast ocean separating destinations. There are no police and no consistent laws.

It is, in almost every way, the setting for the perfect crime. Or suicide. Or a terrible accident?

Many of the events surrounding some of the missing people are now part of an FBI investigation, which adds to the speculation. But many of the cases remain in investigated. Why?

What is going on?