Have UFOs been monitoring nuclear sites ?


Have UFOs been monitoring nuclear sites ?
UFOs were sighted near nuclear facilities during the Cold War.
For decades, military personnel at US atomic weapon sites have reported sightings of strange objects.
UFO researcher and author Robert Hastings has spent nearly 40 years interviewing officers, engineers and other individuals who have worked on the US nuclear weapons program during the Cold War – a time when sightings of mysterious objects in proximity to sensitive atomic missile facilities were far more common than is generally realized.

“UFOs have routinely monitored our nuclear weapons dating back decades and, on occasion, apparently have interfered with the functionality of those weapons,” he said.

According to Walter Levine, a former security officer of the Nevada Test Site, such objects were witnessed so often that a special team was set up specifically to look for them.

“They were all luminous, they were disc-shaped, some of them were square-shaped,” he told Hastings. “We were to pick up a telephone in this little shack. There was no dial tone.”

“We would read off all these coordinates, the direction of the object, etcetera, then when we wrote this stuff down on a piece of paper, we were to burn the paper in a trash can in the shack.”

In another case, a military photographer described witnessing a strange craft near Vandenberg.

“Flying over the Pacific suddenly this domed disc came into frame, circled the warhead, which is flying at 8 or 10,000 miles-per-hour, shot four beams of light at it, whereupon the dummy warhead fell into the Pacific Ocean and the UFO left the vicinity,” Hastings said of the incident.

In 1992 a stack of files released through the Freedom of Information Act indicated that there had been UFO sightings at every major atomic weapons facility in the US during the 1940s including over Los Alamos national lab where the nuclear bombs were originally designed.

Even to this day the origins and intentions of these mysterious objects remain a total mystery.