Green ‘wormhole UFO’ spotted over Cape Town



Several people reported witnessing strange bright green UFOs above Cape Town in the night sky. Hashtag #UFO has trended in Twitter as many online citizens posted about the bizarre flying objects went up.

The scene was so strange that made some to wonder if it was a wormhole or portal in the sky from another dimension.

One witness said that the mass sighting was all over Twitter, and many people posted about a green glowing disk above South Africa.


The bright disk was spotted at the Cape of Good Hope, above Cape Town. In the enlargement that this witness has made, a disk shape can be seen with glowing bottom center.

The poster claimed that it was the same UFO he spotted three years ago. He claimed to have discovered it on Google Earth map, but Google deleted it from their map after he made a video and reported it on his site.


He said, “this UFO today, looks like the same craft.

The green UFO appears the same month when many UFO-shaped clouds were pictured over Cape Town.

Twitter user Sindelo said, “First it was those clouds, and now green orbs are seen floating around Cape Town.

Twitter users KatlegoMaboe and FoodBlogJHb also posted about a UFO or green lights seen in Cape Town, wondered if it was real, and asked if others also saw it.