Recent studies suggest a link between Indus Valley and Mayans of Central America. The studies focused on the calendars of the two advanced civilizations. The Indus Valley inhabitants followed a calendar based on the movements of Jupiter and the Mayans followed one based on the Venus. In the Puranas, a secondary Hindu scripture, Jupiter, Brihaspati, was acknowledged to be the leader of the gods, while Venus, Shukra, was the leader of the asuras. The texts further state that the devas and asuras lived on opposite sides of the Earth. Mexico and India are at opposite sides in longitude.


what happened in India was truely remarkable in the history of mankind -we already had scriptures in the form vedas we already were civilised ,we had a very good knowledge of solar system , planets , their positions ,their influence on human beings(jyothishya shastra), ayurveda or knowledge about curing diseases through the use of plants and herbs, most astonishingly we could even fly (pushpaka vimanas). we had discovered numerous stars named them we had fool proof knowledge about the exact positions of these stars and planets at any given point of time, for eg: at the time of a birth( this is how we could predict the time of lord sree Rama’s (Blue Allien God) birth, it was the ninth day of Shukla Paksha in Chaitra month-12.30 p.m. on January 10, 5114 B.C


so how did this transition happen, when the whole of human race which originated in the parts of africa and spread across most parts of the world was still in its post natal stage how could we alone or with just a hand full of other races taken a sudden giant leap in the history of mankind , why couldn’t we retain that technology of flying (we are still struggling to develop and manufacture our own indigenous aircraft) or why couldn’t we retain that technology of looking far beyond our solar system or for that matter our galaxy??? why couldn’t we develop the brahmaastra , agniastra to its next best forms and why didint we conquer the whole world with these weapons?why do only hindus have an astonishing 33,00,00,000 gods? doesn’t it sound like population of a country for that matter?why do we pray to gods who have multiple heads and limbs (brahma,dattatreya,subramanya,durga ma etc…)?? is it anatomically possible? we have seen fossils of dinosaurs which are millions of years old but still preserved and we have excavated them but why couldnt we excavate a single fossil remains of quadra limbed ,or tri headed human being only 7000 to 8000yrs old? why do all of our gods have an animal as their vehicle but practically which is impossible to ride on them? why do we have genetically mutated gods like hanuman,jambavantha,ganesha,garuda etc.. which is once again practically impossible as such leave alone them able to speak!!! why did most of our gods have a musical instrument in their hands as we see them in sculptures , why do we look towards the sky every time we speak about the origin and place of gods? why is their a god for every aspect like lakshmi for money, saraswathi for knowledge, dhanvanthari for medicine,ganesh for luck and so on… why did they have super natural powers of destroying and creating? why do we have rakshasas or evil minded people who were a threat to the evolution in itself is it possible?doesn’t this questions sound like out of a fiction thriller book?