UFO hunters claim ‘floating cigar’ hovering in the sky


floating cigar

A snowboarder has captured a mysterious cigar-shaped object floating in the sky on his Go Pro – and it’s sent UFO enthusiasts into overdrive.

YouTube user Shreds1620 filmed himself using a selfie stick as he traveled down a mountain in an unknown location.

Early in the clip the snowboarder stop and manouvres his camera to reveal a large, motionless stick-like object in the sky.

It was only after reviewing his footage – originally filmed in 2013 – that the snowboarder noticed the UFO – and sent it to alien sighting channel Secure Team 10 .

Discussing the video, Secure Team narrator Tyler is in no doubt about what the object is.

UFO hunters claim mysterious ‘floating cigar’ hovering in the sky behind snowboarder is proof of aliens.

“I cannot think of an explanation where you would have a very odd cigar-shaped object come out of nowhere and simply sit in the sky like that.”I see no human ultility for such an object, airplane banners do not stop and sit in the sky, nor do ballons.“What we have here is a genuine, unidentified unlikely craft of some sort, and I’m not leaning to the human side of manufacturing of this craft.

“Mind officially blown.”

While some viewers agreed with the narrator, others remained scepticle.

“Helicopter,” said H0rridRex. “They probably dropped him onto the mountain and are waiting to drop someone in as well.”

Notorious Ene added sarcastically: “That there is one of them fangled helimochopters.”