Secrets of British UFO Files


downloadTestimony from Colonel Halt, Lord Hill Norton and the strange story of Peter Horsley and “Janus”.

UFO Files examines the most debatable aspect of alien contact–human abduction! From the first recorded case, the 1961 kidnapping of Betty and Barney Hill, to the 1976 Allagash Incident, when four friends were whisked away while on a camping trip, we hear firsthand from participants and a neuroscientist, who offers more earthbound solutions

Handling of the proposed closure of the UFO Desk:

In December 2009, after Ainsworth approved the policy recommendation, MoD closed the UFO hotline answer phone service and the dedicated email address for sighting reports. These had initially been created to improve communication with the public following an earlier surge of public interest in the subject at the time of the 50th anniversary of the Roswell incident in 1997 (DEFE 24/2458/1, p8). MoD predicted the closure „will attract negative comment from “ufologists” [who] may, individually or as a group, mount a vociferous, but short-lived campaign to reinstate the UFO Hotline suggesting that, by not investigating UFOs, MoD is failing its Defence commitment.‟ But the briefing predicted the media coverage of their decision would probably treat the closure in a „frivolous‟ rather than critical fashion.
Last UFO desk officer:

The last UFO desk officer was re-deployed to another post in MoD in 2010 and the remaining UFO files were marked for transfer to The National Archives. One of the final tasks was to issue letters to other government departments notifying them of the MoD‟s decision. In January 2010 he wrote to the Home Office to cancel standing instructions to police forces who had, in the past, routinely forwarded UFO sightings made by officers and the general public to the MoD. Another was sent to the Head of Aviation Directorate, requesting that „any reports received by the Department of Transport or air control centres are not forwarded to MoD and that members of the public who make such reports are not encouraged to believe an investigation will take place.