UFO Alien Disclosure in 2013 could be true!

Obama will make ET feel at home
Obama will make ET feel at home

There has been a lot of speculation regarding several UFO documents released into the so-called FBI Vaults that are viewable by the public online. These documents are apparently written in relation to the Roswell incident in which a UFO is said to have crashed at a location close to Roswell in New Mexico in 1947.
If you take a look at these documents at first you would be forgiven for thinking that these new revelations, albeit not so new, are a straight out admission that a UFO had indeed crashed in the New Mexico Desert. Unfortunately these documents just confirm an ongoing argument that the FBI and other Roswell investigation military or US government sources are hiding something.


The documents do not actually state anything other than a mistaken identity incident, again discussing about a weather balloon, or a balloon and disk. In no part of any of the documents shown state that the actual UFO exists, although they do state that the disk had been part of an experimental weather balloon.


It seems that any evidence that has been supplied on the FBI Vault pages that reference UFO’s does not actually make any confirmations of the existence of Alien technology on our planet. However the Los Alamos Research Facility has apparently stated that a Time Device had been recovered from the craft that had crashed.

However this evidence is hard to find, there seems to be no such literature on the Los Alamos Research Website, and even if it was then such literature could also be dispelled as a suggestion that the researchers are actually talking about the clocks that had been monitoring weather, in which a super-computer had to be used to decipher data that had been stored on them.

Alien and UFO Disclosure is certainly not going to be found on the FBI Vault Website, instead it may have already come from NASA themselves.

Think about the cryptic nature of an ex-NASA Astronaut in Edgar Mitchell expressing his belief that we on planet Earth have already been visited many times by an alien race.

Edgar’s admissions have not been shunned by anyone at NASA and nor have the US Government, where normally NASA and the US Government would be quick to try and bury such revelations under the carpet so to speak.

Do a quick search online for ‘Edgar Mitchell Talks About UFOs Aliens’ you will hear and see for yourself.

It’s nearing time in many minds for a possible announcement on our alien neighbors, with NASA actually on the verge of disclosing a project involving a manned mission to planets beyond our solar system.

You can read the PDF on the FBI Website which is available to download here:

NASA themselves admit, they could be on the verge of a big announcement.