Time Travel – will it happen?



Everyone dreams of travelling back and forth in time, exploring the world in different times. But is time travel possible? and has it been discovered ? we review the truth about time travel.


Forget fiction, and those stupid internet stories about travelers from other times, here is the real facts. To clarify, time travel is moving from one moment in time, either back or forth to another.


Moving forward in time:

according to science, this is actually possible, depending on how you view it. For instance, being frozen for 100 years, then awaking in another century, with no memory of the last 100 years, could be classed as time travel.


But what of the facts? –  Relativity predicts that if one were to move away from the Earth at relativistic velocities and return, more time would have passed on Earth than for the traveler, so in this sense it is accepted that relativity allows “travel into the future” (according to relativity there is no single objective answer to how much time has really passed between the departure and the return, but there is an objective answer to how much proper time has been experienced by both the Earth and the traveler, i.e., how much each has aged;)

This theory can also be related to “deep sleep” or being frozen – If you have aged less than the time spent sleeping, you have time traveled.
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Moving Back in Time

Time travel to the past is theoretically possible according to science based on the following method

  • Travelling faster than the speed of light

If you traveled at the speed of light, around the world, hundreds of times, there would come a point when you would return to your starting point before you had left – which is why many believe faster than light travel is not possible.

Sending radio signals, or computer data back in time:

Well, this is actually very likely, using the same principals and science as moving a person back in time, if you can send a data signal around the universe and back to earth at an immense speed, you could get it to return BEFORE you sent it.

So why are we not getting data or signals from the future? – the simple answer, we have not got the technology to detet, yet alone intercept faster than light signals.


Space Travel and Time Travel proof:

A person could take a trip away from the Earth and back at relativistic velocities, with the trip only lasting a few years according to the observer’s own clocks, and return to find that thousands of years had passed on Earth.

This form of “travel into the future” is theoretically allowed and has been demonstrated at very small time scales using the following methods:

  • Using velocity-based time dilation under the theory of special relativity, for instance:
    • Traveling at almost the speed of light to a distant star, then slowing down, turning around, and traveling at almost the speed of light back to Earth. 
  • Using gravitational time dilation under the theory of general relativity, for instance:
    • Residing inside of a hollow, high-mass object;
    • Residing just outside of the event horizon of a black hole, or sufficiently near an object whose mass or density causes the gravitational time dilation near it to be larger than the time dilation factor on Earth.

time travelers are real.fw