Space Lunar elevator can be built


 A lift to the moon? seems crazy but liftport group claim it could be built with todays technology.



The firm, set up by an ex Nasa  engineer,  launched an online campaign to fund the first part of its  project to build a lunar space lift. It first plans to test the system on earth  with a 2km high elevator. Then, it plans to launch the lunar system.


Initially it would use a space elevator to  link the moon to a space station.


The firm has dozens of goals on its  kickstarter page, ranging from a $1 to $10,000.


The most ambitious goal of raising $3 million — a target Laine doesn’t expect to hit in the first Kickstarter— would allow the  LiftPort Group to carry out a one-year feasibility  study for the moon space  elevator project. A space elevator on the moon would face fewer  complications than a space elevator on Earth because the moon has less  gravity.


The firm hopes the technology could also be  used for other applications on earth. Such balloon platforms don’t just help aim  for the moon.


They could also act as cheap communications ‘towers’ on Earth to help provide wireless Internet, monitor crops, watch out  for forest fires, or even carry cameras to provide an eye in the sky in the  aftermath of natural disasters.