Scary Experience In The Haunted Room Of A Hotel


That was the year of 1999. I had been visited Mumbai, accompanied by my parents. There we booked a hotel room, which was totally sea side. But we couldn’t think even in dream that our tour would be turned into a nightmare, very soon. We noticed that hotel manager hesitated for a while to handover the key of that room to us.

The whole day we spent in sea beach and enjoyed lots of fun. In evening after shopping we reached at our hotel then it was 10 pm. After returning back I entered into bathroom and while standing in front of the mirror, I could see my back, then I saw an apparition moved very fast from one side to another. I turned back abruptly then it was vanished. I thought that was my mistake, so I didn’t care it.

At night my dad’s scream made us to wake up. We saw that my father was shivering with fear. We asked him very eagerly “what happened?” After sometimes he told us that he was bad dreaming. A horrible looking woman was trying to throttle him and asking him in angry voice “Tell me, where is my husband? Otherwise I’ll kill you”.

We assured my father that it was just dream. We were trying to console him suddenly a glass, which was at the center of the table, moved along at the corner, falled down and crashed. That incident was really surprising, we all were shocked at that. Myself and my mother were discussing about that mysterious incident, suddenly my father became very ferocious and tried to throttle both of us. Ohh God, we still couldn’t forget that picture of that moment. My father’s voice turned into female voice and his face was just pale. He was crying – “Tell me, tell me, where is my husband? He had killed me here, I want justice. Yes, I want justice. Tell me, where is my husband?”

We were shouting and tried to escape from him. At that moment hotel boys and Manager came soon there and they caught up him. We also saved.

As we came out of the room, my father also became normal. Later we had known from hotel manager that 5 months ago a couple had booked that room. Next morning the woman was found dead inside of the room and her husband was missing. After that, before our coming, one family had booked that room, but couldn’t spend a single night.