Psychic ability: nature vs nurture



The question, “Are psychics born with this gift or did they meditate, memorize and practice their way to being a psychic?”, has been pondered since the time of tribal Shamans. A definitive answer to this quandary remains elusive.

Being Psychic & Knowing It

I’ve been psychic all my life. Perhaps the most extraordinary aspect of this is that I’ve also known this about myself most of my life. Therein lies, I believe, the biggest difference between those who are so named psychic versus those that aren’t.

One of my earliest memories involves standing in my crib, holding onto the bar for balance and willing my father (who was sleeping in the same room along with my mother) to awaken and pick me up. I didn’t want to awaken my mother too, so I had to resort to some other means of communicating this desire to him as he slept. It took some practice, focus and concentration but inevitably my father would awaken, climb over my mother (who was sleeping on the side of the bed closest to me) without awakening her and do what I had been bidding him to do. Joyfully he’d lift me out of my crib and into his arms where I would snuggle for the most glorious cuddle in the world.

Silently, we agreed that to make a sound would wake her up so this all had to be done very quietly. On his tip toes he would quietly take me out of the room, down the stairs and into the kitchen where I would sit on his lap while he had something to eat, stopping to feed me bits of whatever. I didn’t care or notice what we were eating. It was all in the being held, cuddled and now spoken to in quiet funny tones alone with this man whom I loved more than anything in the world. These moments were the joyous and exciting in my young life. I lived for these private moments with him. I was very motivated to have as many as I could.


Different Psychic Gifts

I believe that’s the first key to psychic ability development: Motivation. When we’re motivated to connect and unable to through conventional means, we are all telepathic and/or clairvoyant. We receive this information either directly or in dreams or even sometimes through a body function. When we’re motivated either by love, fear, anger or desire, we’re inclined to know the hearts and minds of the other involved and in some cases made aware through visual or audio where this energy is leading us. When we’re motivated by a need for protection, we can all know what’s just ahead, such as in cases where people knew to turn in a particular direction before colliding with a vehicle just ahead but outside of their visual field. Humanity is psychic. There is nothing unique or odd about it.

There are different psychic gifts however, just as there are different physical senses. Some people’s vision is extraordinarily acute and they become pilots; if they were to apply that to psychic ability they would be clear seers or clairvoyants. What I believe is most likely however, is that those who are myopic are more inclined to be clairvoyant to compensate for their physical myopia. Just like our hearing becomes more acute the more visually challenged we are, I believe it’s likely that our psychic abilities would also serve to compensate. There is some evidence to suggest for example that extraordinarily gifted mediums suffer health problems. Does their medium ship cause the debilitating illness or is the illness compensated with an unusual psychic gift? That is also a question for further pondering and research!


Practice is the Key to Success

There are practices however that will make your psychic ability more reliable and acute. Some psychic teachers will recommend meditation which has its value certainly, but I’ve found other exercises will produce more reliable results. Regular practice is the best and if you can find a psychic practice partner, that’s the ideal. Be playful and imaginative but be regular. Do it as often as you can – every day should be your goal.

Practice knowing what the other is thinking and write down your thoughts and times you had them. When you are together practice with cards or pictures whereby one stares at the picture and the other writes down what comes into their mind as their partner is contemplating that picture. There are many, many different psychic games and practices which you can find online or at your local library in the psychic books section. Practice will help you determine whether you are a better sender or receiver.

Senders of psychic content make compelling orators! They are often successful in fields related to influencing others such as politics, sales and teaching. They are often described as “charismatic, compelling, influential”.

Receivers are gifted empaths. They are often successful in fields related to knowing what is in the minds and hearts of others such as counselors, doctors/psychologists and advertising professionals. Receivers are often described as “understanding, good listeners, enlightened”.

Some psychics are more physical in their abilities. They can move objects with their minds and this also takes a lot of practice and effort. These psychics make gifted healers and are often described as miracle workers.

There are many ways that a psychic gift can manifest and I doubt if every one has been identified. Your gift may be quite unique. It’s possible you won’t find anything written about it but you know you have it and you use it daily in your life. Thankfully more understanding and acceptance of these gifts is growing. You shouldn’t discount your psychic gifts any more than you would your other senses and physical abilities. Why wouldn’t you want to be the best you can be and make use of all you are capable of? Who knows how many people besides yourself your psychic gift might help! It just might be the ability we all have that carries humanity through another millennium.