New evidence of time travel


greek laptop

Just when we thought we had seen every bit of evidence of time travel we get sent this!

The picture is clear, this incredible historic artwork over 500 years old, reveals that ancient civilizations had laptops. So we have 2 options, time travel or outta space visitors.

As pointed out in the office, outta space visitors would be using tablets for sure, meaning the picture must be a time traveller from 90’s or early 2000’s

time machine

If thats not evidence enough, the above picture was captured recently. The car is futuristic, and as yet no car maker has come forward to claim it!. Strangely the guy driving it was a dead ringer of Mark Zuckerberg.

Also, its parked in the blue lined bay, reserved for facebook employees only.

Think about it, who would have zillions of dollars to spend on time travel research – and what would you do if you could time travel?

1. Get Rich – invent facebook
2. Get a cool car – see above
3. Have fun, and leave some clues – see below


facebook time travel

This is a real picture, from painter George Pencz painted in 1544.

It is claimed it has the letters on the white label you see on the top, but alas the pictures available are all too small to see. True or not – it is Mark Zukerberg!