New building in Japan to be over a mile high

The new tower will become a distinctive part of the Tokyo skyline.
The new ‘Sky Mile Tower’ will be twice the height of the current tallest building – Dubai’s Burj Khalifa.

Standing at 5,577ft in height, the ridiculously tall building will be situated in Tokyo bay to the southeast of the capital and will provide residential and commercial facilities for 55,000 people.

In addition to the main tower, a series of hexagonal islands will be built in the water around its base to help protect the city from flooding and to provide a foundation for more homes in the future.

Electricity for the building will be generated by a combination of solar panels, wind turbines and algae farms situated on the islands below. The tower will also be able to collect and store rainwater meaning that it won’t be necessary to pump a supply up from the ground floor.

The ambitious project is currently still in the planning stages with a completion date set for 2045.

Tokyo Skytree (東京スカイツリー Tōkyō Sukaitsurī?) is a broadcasting, restaurant, and observation tower in Sumida, Tokyo, Japan. It became the tallest structure in Japan in 2010 and reached its full height of 634.0 metres (2,080 ft) in March 2011, making it thetallest tower in the world, displacing the Canton Tower, and the second tallest structure in the world after the Burj Khalifa(829.8 m/2,722 ft).

The tower is the primary television and radio broadcast site for the Kantō region; the older Tokyo Tower no longer gives completedigital terrestrial television broadcasting coverage because it is surrounded by high-rise buildings. Skytree was completed on 29 February 2012, with the tower opening to the public on 22 May 2012. The tower is the centrepiece of a large commercial development funded by Tobu Railway and a group of six terrestrial broadcasters headed by NHK. Trains stop at the adjacent Tokyo Skytree Station and nearby Oshiage Station, the complex is 7 km (4.3 mi) north-east of Tokyo Station.