NASA – rover finds coins on Mars


Now this is interesting. Paranormal Crucible of Youtube has reported finding some coin like objects on Mars. I have to admit, one of these photos is very convincing. It may be a coin, medallion or broach. The object does have a face on it, however it is not a single face…it’s a double face. There are two faces of two species on the front. One species looks semi human on the right side. The left face looks nothing like a human, but I have seen it before. The most significant discovery here is the fact that these two species put their historical figures on this coin together as a symbol of their bond of friendship

mars coins 4

Before you cry “rubbish” the pictures below have been certified genuine by NASA.

Not only that NASA has also started to suggest they “may be” unexplained or out of place objects.

coin on mars 2

coin on mars 3



The images demonstrate a small round flat disk on the ground pointed out with the yellow arrow apparently caught in a rock crevasse that is also filled with what looks like soil. If it is soil and not dithering smudge image tampering, the soil covers roughly half the disk hiding that portion from view. Note that the surface of the disk reflects sunlight a little more than the adjacent rock surfaces and more uniformly. This suggests that this object may very well be smoothed metal. Also note the uniform thickness of the disk as demonstrated by its left exposed portion casting a short shadow against the rock surface it is laying on.
Now this disk obviously looks like a metal coin and is very suggestive of that as many of us will see it. However, without the fine detail of the disk’s surface, we can’t be conclusive beyond this being just very suggestive. This inconclusive situation to a large extent is a function of the very high .jpeg compression on this imaging as released for public consumption. This object is plenty close enough to the Spirit rover panoramic camera that such details should be available to us if this imaging is as good as it was suppose to be.