Haunted Objects – Annabelle the Doll


A woman bought a Raggedy-Anne style doll in a thrift store in 1970 for her daughter who was currently in college. The daughter originally liked the doll, but strange things began happening.

The doll would move by itself, small scraps of mysterious parchment paper with childish handwriting on it were found, and the doll was even found impossibly standing on its ragdoll legs. Frightened, the daughter and her roommate contacted a psychic medium who explained that the doll was possessed by the spirit of “Annabelle,” a girl who had died in their apartment building. The girls had “accidentally” granted the spirit permission to inhibit the doll which caused the paranormal activity to increase in frequency and intensity. A male friend was even once attacked by the doll which left him with scratch marks all over his chest and stomach.