CIA Drug Trafficking – The history explored



The War on Drugs in this country and other countries still rages on. But what most people don’t know is that the CIA actually helped, supported, and financed many drug trafficking operations. The CIA states in public that they were conducting a “war on drugs” coming into the U.S. but in reality, it was all a lie.

First, the CIA helped smuggle Opium from China to Bangkok and supplied funds to the Kuomintang by providing airplanes under the CIA business owned – Air America.

Next the CIA supported the Soviet Afghanistan rebel commanders by providing arms, transport, and political protection to drug lords so they could traffic Heroin.

The DFS (Direccion Federal de Seguridad) was created by the CIA in the 1980’s. The DFS handed out badges to the top level Mexican drug traffickers, which were in essence a license to traffic.

In the Iran-Contra Affair, the Kerry Committee report found that members of the U.S. State Department supported the Contras and drug trafficking through financial and material assistance. The CIA backed the Contras by allowing smuggling of Cocaine into the U.S. and then the cocaine was distributed in Los Angeles. All the profits from the sale of the drugs went to the contras and the CIA directly aided the drug dealers to raise the money for the contras.

Even in Haiti, in the 1980’s, the CIA created a unit, purported to be an anti-drug unit, but was really a front for political terror and drug trafficking.

It went on to the Venezuela National Guard. The CIA allowed one ton of pure cocaine to come into the Miami Airport so they could “gather info” about the Columbian drug cartels. But the cocaine actually ended up being sold on the street. In 1996, a jury indicted anti-narcotics Venezuelan chief and CIA asset General Ramon Guillen Davila. He had trafficked drugs into the U.S. through a warehouse that was owned by the CIA.

Let’s move on to Panama. The U.S. invaded Panama in 1989 under Operation Just Cause. Manuel Noriega supported the Contra groups at the request of the CIA. In return, the U.S. allowed Noriega to continue his drug trafficking. The DEA tried to indict Noriega, but the CIA blocked it. Under George H.W. Bush, the U.S. gave hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to Noriega for payment. Not until a pilot was shot down over Panama, that happened to have lots of documents that revealed many CIA activities and connections to Noriega, did all this come to light. The DEA finally got to indict Noriega.

So from Mexico, Panama, China, Haiti, Venezuela, and Nicaragua – the CIA has had their dirty little hands in and on drugs for decades – and probably still continues. More drugs are shipped into the United States every year – for the United States is the biggest “customer” of drugs.

So the next time you hear the CIA taking credit for busting drug dealers and finding drug trafficking operations – remember that the CIA themselves are the biggest drug traffickers of them all.

In November 1998, the CIA finally admitted that they “overlooked” Contras links to drug trafficking in Nicaragua. The CIA issued a 450-page report (which is actually the 2nd report they issued) that revealed that information about drug trafficking was sent to the CIA – but they ignored it – and allowed it to carry on. The report also showed that the CIA “dissuaded” other Federal agencies (DEA) from investigating the activities of the Contra groups