Bizarre clip shows cars ‘levitating’ in China

Bizarre clip
Bizarre clip shows cars ‘levitating’ in China
The cars were violently thrust in to the air.
Several vehicles were mysteriously forced up in to the air as they approached a busy road junction.

The bizarre video, which was recorded in the city of Xingtai, captured the moment that a car was suddenly pulled violently upwards in to the air before slamming back down on to the road again.

At around the same time two other cars can also be seen experiencing the same phenomenon.

If you look very closely at the video, you can just about make out what actually happened. Just before the first minibus rises into the air, you can see a faint black line to the left of the screen, which police believe was a cable or thick wire which accidentally fell on the road and wrapped itself around the vehicles, lifting them into the air.

Since appearing online the video has gone viral with many Internet users speculating over what could have possibly caused the vehicles to fly up in to the air like that.

The answer, as it turns out, lies in a large steel cable that had fallen down on to the road. The truck on the right can be seen snagging the cable and pulling it tight – lifting the cars as they drove over it.