Abandoned Theme Park – Six Flags New Orleans



Six Flags New Orleans (SFNO) is an 140 acre, abandoned theme park in New Orleans, Louisiana that has been closed sinceHurricane Katrina struck the state in August 2005. It is owned by the Industrial Development Board (IDB) of New Orleans. Six Flags had owned the park since March 2002, but after assessing the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina and the related exorbitant expenses of repairing the damage, sought to terminate its 75-year lease with the city, beginning in July 2006. The city agreed in September 2009.[3] The park is located in New Orleans East, off Interstate 10. Despite various announced plans to redevelop the site, as of September 2016, it is still an abandoned amusement park in extremely poor condition. The site is owned and maintained by IDB. The site has 24-hour security and trespassers are prosecuted. Videos and photos of the site have surfaced over the years from thrill-seekers. This encouraged city officials to become more diligent in its approach to security and ban tours of the park. The park is no longer operational and safety is a concern. Trespassing is prohibited, and the property is only visible from the highway. The New Orleans Police Department officers can be seen patrolling the park daily to prevent trespassing.



The wreck of this once merry place has sat deserted for many, many years since Katrina struck and is now classed as a Ghost Theme Park. It is now owned by the city with tentative plans to put a mall in its place. The New Orleans amusement park Jazzland opened in 2000, and the lease was purchased by Six Flags in 2002. The park was upgraded a year later and renamed Six Flags New Orleans, with a Mardi Gras-themed area and a respectable collection of rides and coasters. The park quickly became one of the top attractions in the area