The transhumanist conspiracy



In “TransEvolution: The Coming Age of Human Deconstruction”, Bilderberg Group expert Daniel Estulin explores the links between the British government’s 2006 document Strategic Trends 2007-2036 and the mysterious gathering of the global elite known as the Bilderberg Group. Daniel Estulin describes the world’s economic problems and pressures as part of a plot by the global elite to destroy the nation-state. “This is by design”, he argues, referring to the clash between a global oligarchic system and the nation state. The World Trade Organization (WTO) commitment to free trade, to “One World, One Market”, reflects “anti-nation-state intent”, Estulin claims. The perception of global resource shortages, Estulin claims, originate in plans expressed by the elites in the thesis of the Club of Rome.

By describing a bleak future with declining resources, the Club of Rome is accused of trying to insinuate the need for a plan to depopulate the Earth and capture the world’s resources for a tiny elite group. Part of this plan is the globalization of control over agriculture by opening it up to a handful of powerful corporations, Estulin argues, which began in the late 1990s. Estulin’s book quotes William Engdahl’s The Seeds of Destruction, which gives incisive arguments that the global elite, through corporations like Monsanto, deliberately use genetically modified organisms (GMOs) to depopulate the Earth by causing poisoning and infertility. As unbelievably scary as this might sound, it has a strong basis in science, because the world expert on plant lectins Arpad Pusztai’s experiments found that rats suffered from serious reproductive, digestive and other ailments as well as cancer after consuming GMO potatoes. Because GMOs are engineered for resistance to pathogens and for extended shelf-life, they are biologically enhanced to contain toxic pesticides, ostensibly to preserve them longer.


Excessive consumption of lectins is known to have toxic effects on humans, and boosting lectins is one of the favored ways of engineering GMO crops to resist pathogens – by poisoning them. The hazard presented by GMOs is, in Estulin’s analysis, no accident. Loss of fertility and poisoning, the creation of an ill population, is part of the plan. It fits in with the “massive drugging of the population” through pharmaceutical medicine described by Estulin, and the attainment of a “perfect system if you are planning to control the world”. This amounts to “controlled chaos”, a global conspiracy to poison and drug everyone in order to produce compliant populations. By forcing everyone’s problems to take place inside their bodies, Estulin argues, the elite can eliminate the possibility of a threat to their own power that might emerge through upheaval in society itself.

According to Estulin’s dire predictions about the insidious plans of the elite, the population could be reduced by three billion by GMO poisoning – to such an extent that even the conspirators and their families will probably be affected by their own plan. This does not surprise Estulin, who says “our current corporate empire knows that “progress of humanity” means their imminent demise”, or the elite do not care if they become victims of their own interpretation of global progress. An even more dangerous idea is going to come from science and corporate greed. “Synthetic biology,” Estulin says, is “founded on the ambition that one day it will be possible to design and manufacture a human being.” This refers to such things as the Human Genome Project and the creation of the first synthetic cell, which Estulin sees as part of a megalomaniacal plan to control and remanufacture all life. Estulin regards such a plan as inherently connected with the designs of Nazism. He argues that “Genetics, as defined by the Rockerfeller Foundation, would constitute the new face of eugenics”. “Ultimately,” Estulin writes, “this is about taking control of nature, redesigning it and rebuilding it to serve the whims of the controlling elite”. Supposed plans for possible dangerous futures, in Estulin’s interpretation, are really plans by the global elite.

This includes space exploration. He writes “The elite are planning, at least, a limited exodus from the Planet Earth. Why? What do they know that we don’t? Nuclear wars? Nanowars? Bacteriological wars?” In his view, we face a future where ever deadlier security and defense technologies enable governments to repress and control their populations, even at the cellular level. The enthusiasm for technology as the solution to human biology, mortality and worldly limits is known as transhumanism. This is a largely elusive interest group advanced under the h+ and 2045 movements, and covered by a number of media entities that include ClubOfINFO Circulation and h+ Magazine. Estulin sees transhumanism as part of the conspiracy of the elites.

The Russian 2045 Movement and these other organizations, he argues, have goals that coincide with US government conferences and the British government’s Strategic Trends document. Estulin describes transhumanism as a sinister movement “steered by the elite”, and says “the downside is that we, the people, have not been invited.” He notes that “Many people have trouble understanding what the true transhumanism movement is all about, and why it’s so evil. After all, it’s just about improving our quality of life, right? Or is transhumanism about social control on a gigantic scale?” The conspiracy of the transhumanists and the elites, Estulin argues, searches for “the ability to make machines act like humans, and the ability to treat humans as machines.” There should be deep suspicions over how, “transhumanism fills people’s hopes and minds with dreams of becoming superhuman, but the fact of the matter is that the true goal is the removal of that pesky, human free will itself.” In sum, Estulin says that transhumanism, in league with the elites, plans to “bring society down to the level of a beast”. This mysterious conspiracy continues to draw the attention of well-qualified analysts such as William Engdahl and Daniel Estulin, and is closely linked to the GMO controversy and concerns over globalization.