The Town that spent 25 Years Underwater


The Town that spent 25 Years Underwater 4


This is Villa Epecuen, an old tourist town south of Buenos Aires that spent a quarter of a century underwater. Established in the 1920s on the banks of a salt lake, the town was home to over 5,000 residents and a holiday destination to thousands more vacationers from the Argentinian capital.


In 1985, a dam burst and buried the town in 33 feet of salt water, rendering it a modern-day Atlantis. Initially, people waited on their roofs, hoping for the water to recede. It didn’t, and within two days, the place was a devastated ghost town.

Villa Epecuen 4

In 2009, the waters began to recede and what emerged resembles an apocalyptic world.


Villa Epecuen 3