The Star Wars Conspiracy



Conspiracy” is the second episode of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series’ sixth season. It premiered on the German TV network Super RTL on February 15, 2014 and was released in the US and Canada via Netflix on March 7, 2014.

Rex, Fives, and several other clones bring Tup to Tipoca City, where he is immediately whisked away by the Kaminoans. Rex is sent back to the battlefield, but Fives is forced to remain on Kamino under the belief that a virus may have caused Tup’s breakdown and that Fives may also have it. Fives is quarantined to a room which has a window where he can see Tup being operated on. Fives is increasingly concerned at Tup’s discomfort during the procedure, but his protests only lead the Kaminoans to block his view. Fives is then seen to by the droid AZ-3, who reveals to him that he will not be let out until Tup’s condition is determined.

Tup’s results come back negative for a virus, leading to much confusion. Suddenly, Tup awakes and blabbers about killing Jedi, making Shaak Ti wonder if this is a Separatist brainwashing plot. Nala Se and Shaak Ti continue debating on Tup’s condition and arguing on who has more authority over the clones. Shaak Ti, wanting an atomic brain scan on Tup, goes to contact the Jedi Council, while Nala Se, wanting to terminate the clone and do an autopsy, heads to Prime Minister Lama Su. Meanwhile, AZ-3 returns to Fives’ quarters, where he and the clone have an argument about whether clones should be known by their names or numbers.

Nala Se meets with Lama Su, where they talk about the real truth of Tup’s condition: a premature activation ofProtocol 66. After contacting Count Dooku, the pair is given an order to terminate Tup for a full-body autopsy, whilst handing over Tup’s inhibitor chip to Dooku.

After being convinced by Fives about how his duty of saving a patient’s life overrides all orders, AZ-3 proceeds to do an atomic-level brain scan on Tup, whereby they discovered a tumor (which is in fact, his inhibitor chip). Nala Se walks onto AZ-3, and denounces the existence of a tumor and instead states it to be a virus. Back in Fives’ medical room, he decries the plans for Tup’s termination and convinces AZ-3 to do a biopsy. After setting a false intruder alarm, AZ-3 extracts the tumor from Tup’s brain only to have Nala Se and Shaak Ti walk on them. Tup awakens, and tells Fives of a mission in all clones’ dreams that never ends. Declaring the mission a nightmare, Tup announces that it is the end for him and that he is free. Tup immediately dies afterwards.

In a conference with Chancellor Palpatine, Shaak Ti informs the Chancellor of Tup’s death and proposes that the tumor be sent back to the Jedi Temple for analysis. The Chancellor on the other, suggests it should be sent to the state-of-the-art Grand Republic Medical Facility. With Nala Se backing the Chancellor’s decision, Shaak Ti has no choice but to agree.

In the 1983, Ronald Reagan proposed the Strategic Defence Initiative, a program in which satellites with lasers would destroy any ballistic missiles which threatened the US. The media declared the program the ‘real star wars’. But why didn’t the program get off the ground?