The Mind’s Big Bang- Aliens responsible!


The Mind's Big Bang Darwin would have us all believe humans evolved over time, from ape to man survival of the fittest.

However nothing on earth is that simple, and the proof of the mind explosion some 50,000 years ago pretty much kills Darwin’s theory.

So what is the best evidence of human evolution and the development of intelligence?


Apes evolved into primates over millions of years, going from 4 legs to 2 legs, losing hair,and developing a simple tool, the stone cutter. This happened over millions of years. Whats most shocking is that during this time our brains almost tripled in size, but intelligence didn’t, in fact intelligence stood still during most of this period.

Then suddenly, 50,000 years ago, we went crazy! we started to paint, make art and jewelry, we started to communicate and think!  …. our tools developed at astonishing rates. How did this happen ? Science has no explanation.

How did we go from stone cutter, to chainsaw, to laser cutters in just 50,000 years? when it took over a million to stand up? – in fact, we went from walking, to horse and cart, to automobiles to space rockets in the same period? HOW


Evolution of the brain

DNA proves we all come from one “Eve” in Africa about 100,000 or so years ago. But also our DNA includes something odd, only found in humans. About 1.5 % of our DNA is different from that of the chimpanzee. This might not sound like much but since our DNA is made up of 3 billion base pairs that means there are 45 million differences between our DNA sequence and that of the chimps.

Whats odder, the once called “junk DNA” (because researchers examining the gene codes in humans found no use for it),has been discovered to be identical to the strands found in all other world mammals. the name has been changed to “mystery DNA” segments.

This evidence more than implies that the code  is so vital to both humans and mammals that it did not change change even after millions of years of evolution,  ( according to an article in the journal Science.) But then….

Some how, 50,000 years ago, our DNA changed almost overnight – and we developed super intelligence.

without ET, we would be shaving non stop!
without ET, we would be shaving non stop!

What does this mean ?

Well the answer appears in every ancient text, and religion – sky gods visited us and gave us the gift of knowledge.

Who do you think the sky gods are?

and when will they be back ?