The Coso Artifact. – Strange Relic


The Coso Artifact.

In 1961 a strange stone was found in the Coso Mountains of California. Strange, because when it was sawed open it was found to contain a bizarre mechanical device. This comprised of an hexagonal layer of some unknown substance, which surrounded an inch thick porcelain cylinder, which in turn contained a shaft of bright metal around 2 mm in length. Around the porcelain cylinder were rings of copper, which remarkably showed no signs of corrosion.

Later examination at the Charles Ford Society confirmed the device as some kind of mechanical instrument. Photographs taken of the object showed the metallic shaft fixed to a tiny spring. This led to it being labelled as some form of electrical device. Experts who examined it compared it to a spark plug. Critics maintained that this is exactly what it was – a Champion spark plug that offered little mystery

unexplained relic

When however certain geologists insisted that the rock in which it was encased was over half a million years old, the mystery sky rocketed. What was it doing there? How had it got there? On the face of it there was no plausible answer. Just the unthinkable – that this was a relic from a past era of high technological advancement – one that existed over half a million years ago.

To this day the Coso Artifact continues to excite considerable speculation with widely differing views. Some insisting this is just an elaborate hoax and others who see the Coso Artifact as evidence of an advanced civilisation at an unimaginably early age.