Strange alien encounter with underwater UFO



On January 3, 1979 Filiberto Cardenas was contacted by alien beings. While Cardenas and three of his neighbors were driving with him along a highway outside of Hialeah, Florida, their car suddenly stalled. The entire electrical system failed. It was about 6:00 p.m. and the headlights went out as well.

Buzzing and Lights

After getting out of the car Filiberto popped the hood. A very strange, loud buzzing sound began. Everyone in the car could hear it. Suddenly a bright, blue-violet light fell over Cardenas. He was instantly paralyzed, unable to move any part of his body. The light was coming from an odd-shaped craft above them. It was dark in color with poorly defined edges, almost like a blurry picture.

The light lifted Cardenas up, up, and above the treetops in full view of Fernando Marti, age 46; Marti’s wife, Elizabeth, age 36, and their 13-year old daughter, Mirta. All three people witnessed the stunning event as the craft slowly flew off with Cardenas inside. Cardenas turned up about two hours later around 8 p.m. His story was dramatic.

Something Odd Down, Beneath the Sea


The craft had taken Cardenas and lifted him into it. After traveling for some distance the craft dove rapidly into the ocean. Cardenas could see water rushing by through a nearby porthole. He felt and sensed that there was absolutely no resistance against the water. The ship cut through it like a hot knife through butter.

The beings who had spirited Cardenas away were small, but looked very human. They communicated with him through telepathy in perfect Spanish. They wore tight-fitting, one-piece jumpsuits.

Underwater Base

Cardenas was taken to and shown an underwater base that the aliens maintain. Several weeks later he was directed by the aliens through telepathy to go back to the same spot were the first encounter took place. Cardenas asked mentally if he could bring his wife, Iris. The beings said yes, because they considered Cardenas and his wife to be closely connected in a way that almost made them one.

During the next encounter the alien beings told Cardenas and his wife repeatedly how important universal love was for the health of the planet and the advancement of mankind. During the visit Iris asked if she could touch the beings in an effort to confirm that the event was really taking place. They allowed her to do so and she reported that the texture of their suits was smooth when you ran your hand along them in one direction, but rough, like fish scales or reptile skin if you ran your hand in the opposite direction.

Miami UFO

On one occasion a contact took place at 10:00 a.m. At the very same time hundreds of people at Miami International Airport saw a large ship and two smaller disk-shaped craft. When interviewed later, all the eyewitnesses identified the same location as the place where the large craft was hovering. This location was the very same place where Cardenas and his wife were picked up and the ships were seen at exactly the same time as their encounter: 10:00 a.m. on February 21, 1979.