NASA confirms pyramid on Ceres! Is it alien evidence?


Pyramid on Ceres

First, NASA’s Dawn probe spotted curiously sparkly bright spots on the surface of Ceres, the dwarf planet that lies in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

Beats us, the scientists said about the light. It could be ice reflection or even an alien base!

Now, cameras on the Dawn mission spacecraft have captured a baffling pyramid structure rising 3 miles above the planet’s cratered surface.

The new image, released Sunday by NASA, was taken June 14 from a distance of about 2,700 miles, the agency said.

ET researchers have been fascinated with the tiny planet since the US space agency’s unmanned probe Dawn began getting close up images of its surface which revealed mysterious bright spots.

Now the discovery of a solitary “pyramid-shaped” peak on an otherwise flat part of Ceres has led to further speculation, with some claiming it could hold the key to the origins of mankind.

One UFO hunter posted online: “Ancient astronaut alert! More weird features have been spotted by NASA’s Dawn spacecraft on Ceres.”

NASA itself has estimated the object to be about three-miles high, which would make it around the height of Mount Blanc – the tallest mountain in the Alps.

On Monday, revealed alien hunters had found a much smaller pyramid in NASA pictures of Mars.

A prolific paranormal YouTube channel posted videos about both.

In the Ceres film, the narrator said: “A possible ancient pyramid has been found on the Dwarf planet Ceres.

“Many researchers who have viewed the new pic have suggested it an ancient pyramid very similar to those found on Mars, the Moon and of course on Earth.”

The narrator said it may confirm a “highly advanced” alien civilisation had left the monuments scattered through the cosmos.

They added: “I would theorise an ancient civilisation, possibly billions of years old, have purposely built these monuments for humans to find.

“Maybe the answer to man’s quest for knowledge and meaning lies within these and ancient structures and maybe one day when the veil of secrecy is finally lifted we may actually find out just where in the Universe the human species originated from.”

But NASA is convinced a more scientific answer will be found.

It shows what NASA described in its classically understated and totally non-freaked-out tones as “a mountain with steep slopes protruding from a relatively smooth area of the dwarf planet’s surface.”

The Ceres mystery has now deepened with the most recent batch of images showing the pyramid as well as even more bright spots alongside the largest one, which NASA said looks to stretch some 6 miles.

Ceres pyramid