Mystery – German customs stops Iranian with unexplained $70 million check

really? its real ? come on sir!
really? its real ? come on sir!

An Iranian man faces a hefty fine after trying to enter Germany with a check worth about $70 million in his hand luggage.

Customs officials at Duesseldorf airport say the man, who had arrived on a flight from Turkey, told officers he was carrying less than the euro10,000 ($13,644) threshold that needs to be declared.

But when officers searched the unidentified 59-year-old’s bags they found a check for 300 million Venezuelan Bolivares issued by the Bank of Venezuela.

Customs officials said in a statement Friday that the check was impounded since the Iranian was unable to offer a plausible explanation about its intended recipient and purpose.

The man faces a fine of up to 1 million euro  ($1.4 million).