Do Lizard Aliens Rule the Earth?



Do Lizard Aliens rule the world?

Here is a video on ruling of earth by Lizard Aliens.

How much do we really know about our leaders? Conspiracy theorist David Icke argues that those in the highest of society are really a race of Reptilians, the shapeshifting lizard illuminati, who are in the process of installing a New World Order, but how much weight does this theory really hold?

There is a debate on it :-

Lizard People do rule the world

There is proof that lizard people rule the world, we have accounts all over the world describing them, the bible talks about the nephilim, and the quran talks about the djinn, we also have cave paintings of aliens, and the nazca lines and other anomalies prove an alien presence visited earth, and they are related to monarchs, who are related to the british royal family, who are related to the presidents, lizard people do rule the world, read David Icke for more info.

Of course we exist

Of course we exist, and we are getting more bold about our domination, less and less we need to hide it, and in time, we will come forth completely to show the world our true colors and dominate the soft-skins, that being said, I may not have much authority being one of the scaled myself, but your day is coming soon, humans, if you obey us, and do as your told when the time comes, you will not be harmed, and you can live a good life as our servants, and even pets for those lucky enough.

Please tell me this is a troll question.

The fact that people exist who seriously BELIEVE in this nonsense just baffles me. Reptilians? REally? Are they in league with the fairies? How about the leprechauns? And whatever shall we do when they make a peace treaty with Santa Claus, allowing them to spread mind control devices in our Christmas toys?

What a Joke!

I’m seriously laughing! Lizard people? This isn’t The Amazing Spider-Man guys, that stuff isn’t real. What a joke. If you try to convince me with videos like “Obama’s shape-shifting agent” or whatever, just remember: technology can EDIT videos to look like whatever the heck they want it lo look like.