ESA is planning to build a Moon base by 2030

 Moon base
The Moon base would be built by robots using 3D printing technology.
The European Space Agency believes humans will be living on the lunar surface within the next 14 years.

When it comes to next generation space travel, Mars seems to be the destination that most people are talking about. NASA in particular has been keenly pursuing the goal of landing humans on the Red Planet and scientists have long been working on the technologies needed to take us there.

But Mars is not the only target worth striving towards – there is another much closer to home.

We might have already landed astronauts there several decades ago, but the moon still remains the perfect place to set up a base and to learn more about living and working on other worlds.

This week officials at the European Space Agency have revealed plans to further pursue the idea of using robotics and 3D printing to set up a base on the surface of the moon by as early as 2030.

The space agency believes that the construction would take as little as three months to complete and that the resulting base would be capable of housing up to four astronauts.

A video detailing how the construction would be carried out can be viewed below.