UFO – Unsolved Mysteries Roswell Documentary



UFO – Unsolved Mysteries Roswell Documentary

UFO – Unsolved Mysteries: an Excellent TV show, hosted by the late Robert Stack. Here’s a classic episode looking into behind the scenes events at Roswell. The Roswell New Mexico UFO mystery remains to be one of the most legendary on all of UFO cases. This episode is about that incident which happened back in 1947. Stanton Friedman, who appears in this program, is largely responsible for making the Roswell story so well known today. Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell is from the Roswell area, and knew some of the witnesses personally. He says they are credible, and so he personally believes this was a case of an alien craft that crashed, which was then covered up by our government.

A new German documentary claims to lift the lid on the real reason behind the infamous Roswell UFO conspiracy.

It’s nearly 70 years since the bizarre incident first captured the imagination of conspiracy theorists the world over.

The once sleepy New Mexico town became the focal point of the biggest extraterrestrial hunt in history following reports a flying saucer had crashed into the desert.

In 1947, the alleged sightings sparked worldwide panic until the US military claimed the incident was nothing more than a downed surveillance balloon.

Now a German documentary investigating the sightings on July 8, 1947 claims it has uncovered new evidence, claiming the mysterious flying saucer was in fact a top secret Nazi ROCKET.

The feature, entitled ‘UFOs and the Third Reich’, reports the ‘incident’ was actually behind closed doors tests on the ‘Bell’ – a futuristic three-metre aircraft which used electric particles to fly.

Secret behind Roswell revealed
The Nazi Bell is believed to be the predecessor to today’s stealth fighters

Distinguished German aeronautical engineer Georg Klein said: “I don’t consider myself a crackpot or eccentric or someone given to fantasies.

“This is what I saw, with my own eyes – a Nazi UFO.”

The incident has captured the imagination of millions following reports of a flying saucer cash landing into the desert.

The US military has always claimed the sighting was nothing more than a weather balloon, sparking decades of conspiracy theories about an alleged extra-terrestrial cover-up.