INDIAN SPRINGS, NV – JULY 5: Staff Sgt. Christopher DeLucia uses a laptop to check on the status of a Predator unmanned aircraft system (UAS) at Creech Air Force Base in Indian Springs, Nevada. The United States Air Force currently has 120 of the aircraft in its UAS fleet with 35 of them airborne at any given moment, flying combat air patrols over Iraq and Afghanistan. After being launched overseas, the Predators are flown by pilots and sensor operators from ground control stations at Creech and four Air National Guard units in the Unites States. In addition to carrying two laser-guided Hellfire missiles, the Predators have cameras that provide full-motion video that is in high demand for use in intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. (Photo by Tony Avelar/Christian Science Monitor/Getty Images)


The end of of a planet – Pluto

Pluto has gone! Pluto is six billion km from the Sun - that's 40 times the Earth's distance from the Sun. It took until 1930...