Former USAF aircraft mechanic films two UFOs


Former USAF aircraft mechanic films two UFOs
An aircraft is a machine that is able to fly by gaining support from the air. It counters the force of gravity by using either static lift or by using the dynamic lift of an airfoil, or in a few cases the downward thrust from jet engines.
The witness was perplexed by what he had seen.
A man with over 30 years of aviation experience has recorded footage of two unknown objects over Ohio.
According to a recent MUFON report, the witness – who has remained anonymous – had been standing outside his home smoking a cigarette back in November 2015 when he noticed two spinning, diamond-shaped UFOs hovering above the houses.

In the report he described how the objects had moved together up in to the air before flying off in formation towards the southeast. While the footage he recorded doesn’t show the UFOs in much detail, it is possible to see their movements relative to one another in the sky.

“They appeared to be a spinning gem shape, with no sound,” he wrote. “Both were spinning in unison, and appeared to be flying in formation. Recon definitely came to mind.”

The witness, who claims to have several decades of experience working with the US Air Force, maintains that the objects were unlike anything he had ever seen during his career.

“You will note towards the end, as tree branches become visible, the lead craft disappears, the second one travels a little further, then disappears as well,” he added.

“One thing I noted, was the spinning in unison. I do not have the means to enhance video, and would love to see what you can bring out in the video. ”