Is this a demon turning the pages of a scorched Bible?



The Bible is a collection of texts sacred in Judaism and Christianity. It is a collection of scriptures written at different times by different authors in different locations

Spine-tingling footage has emerged of an alleged demon turning the pages of a Bible.

American paranormal experts Niki ParaUnNormal and Karissa Fleck filmed the terrifying clip.

For some unexplained reason the Bible is heavily burnt, but whether this is foul play or just an added atmospheric touch by the women is not known.

Spooky moment woman records ‘demon spirits’ moving bible pages.

The two paranormal investigators stare intensely at the scorched Holy Book waiting for a sign of movement.

‘Can you move the pages again?’ one of the women asks.

Two of the looser pages appear to move ever so slightly although nothing more.

‘Can you move a page of the bible again for me?’ she queries.

‘I’m shaking,’ she adds as the pages moves infinitesimally. ‘If it was air flow it would have kept going,’ one of them rationalises.

She perseveres: ‘Can you move the Bible pages again for me? Can you make it dramatic?’

There is no response. The pair discuss that perhaps the ‘demon’ knows they’re filming so refuses to perform.

‘This is pretty cool,’ one says as absolutely nothing happens, ‘this is wild’.

They encourage desperately: ‘Please flip the page, I know it’s taking a lot of energy, you’re doing such a good job. Keep doing it OK? You’re doing so good.’

The page wavers slightly. ‘Good job,’ she praises.